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Jul 31, 2023

We welcome back Sarah Cain better known as The Crusader Gal to discuss her most recent article in Crisis Magazine. Why have so many so-called thought leaders in the Church and the world capitulated to moral relativism? What happens to a society that lacks the courage necessary to defend the Truth?


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Jul 28, 2023

In Let's Talk About This, Father McTeigue discusses the effects of a failure of developing one's moral and aesthetic imagination. What had to go wrong for someone to compare the experience of going to a pop concert to the worship of the all-holy God? Father finishes with Weekend Readiness to help you prepare for...

Jul 27, 2023

We welcome back Dr. Darrick Taylor of Crisis Magazine and OnePeterFive to give context and refute false narratives while discussing the history of failed ecumenical councils. Why are reactions so visceral when some question whether Vatican II might be a failed council?


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Vatican II Failed, Not the Church -...

Jul 26, 2023

We welcome back distinguished author and scholar Heather Mac Donald of The Manhattan Institute to discuss disparate impact analysis and its effects on the legal system. What are the common narratives around policing and crime, and how do they compare to the actual facts and statistics?


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When Race Trumps...

Jul 25, 2023

We welcome back Eric Sammons of Crisis Magazine to discuss the collapse of parish life. What happens to the faithful when a parish seems to lose sight of its singular mission? Father finishes with Timely Thoughts.


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The Problem of Powerless Parishes

What Many Priests No Longer Believe | Homiletic &...