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Aug 31, 2023

We welcome back Dr. Darrick Taylor of Controversies in Church History to discuss his article in Crisis Magazine about the temptations of lay apologists. In the age of TL;DR and clickbait, how can lay apologists authentically and effectively spread the Gospel?


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The Last Temptation of the Lay Apologist -...

Aug 30, 2023

We welcome Joe Reciniello & Joe Pacillo of The Frontline with Joe & Joe to discuss the importance of authentic Catholic media. What difference does Catholic media make, and why is it important to listen to self-described “average Joes”?


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The Front Line with Joe & Joe

The Frontline TV


Aug 29, 2023

We welcome back Jeffrey Tucker of the Brownstone Institute to discuss the downfall in trust of so-called experts. What happens when we live perpetually within a low trust society? Father finishes with Timely Thoughts to discuss our individual roles in a society gone mad.


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The Great Cloud of Disrepute |...

Aug 28, 2023

In this podcast-extended episode, we welcome back social and political commentator Bill Whittle to discuss the addiction to the use of technology. What is it that we've lost along the way, and does the loss only affect the younger generations? 


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Ham-Handed Surgeons

Bill Whittle | Website

Planting Our Flag in...

Aug 25, 2023

In Let's Talk About This, Father McTeigue discusses his concerns with the upcoming Synod based off the Instrumentum Laboris as released from the Vatican. Is there any way to read this document benignly? Father finishes with Weekend Readiness and dispels misunderstandings about the gates of Hell not prevailing...